About us

Lucia Dossin


Lucia Dossin (BR/NL) is a researcher/designer living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has a background in architecture and webdesign and holds a MA in Media Design & Communication from Piet Zwart Institute.

Her interests reside at the intersection of art and design – elements that shape the actual, possible and desirable relationships between humans and computers: user-friendliness, interfaces, user-generated data and technological literacy.

In the past few years she has been conducting experiments in hybrid publishing practices, in institutions such as the PublishingLab and the Publication Station but also independently.

Lídia Pereira


Lídia Pereira (PT) is an independent designer, artist and researcher based in Rotterdam, NL.

Her current interests revolve around the political organisation of labour in corporate social networking platforms and working class identity within networked economies, presenting a focus on the power structures governing online and offline behaviour.

She is the founding editor of the Immaterial Labour Union zine (ilu.servus.at), a project which offers a low-barrier entry level for contributors to express their views on social media labour, but also a low-barrier entry level for those wishing to become acquainted with these debates.